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What Is An Intrapreneur?

Intrapreneur is a newer concept. It describes entrepreneurial minded people within organizations. It is becoming well understood how important intrapreneurs are to a successful company.

- An intrapreneur is highly self-motivated, proactive and action-oriented person who is comfortable with taking the initiative, even within the boundaries of an organization, in pursuit of an innovative product or service.

- An intrapreneur hears an idea and it grows within their mind. They desire to figure out how to make it work.

- An intrapreneur does their work in a way that shows the organization they are someone it can’t afford to lose. 

- An intrapreneur is the one who is constantly driving to make the next thing happen.

- An intrapreneur understands the financial drivers that allow the organization to succeed and are able to support it, not fight it. 

- An intrapreneur isn't afraid to change course, nor do they fear failure.

- An intrapreneur is driven by their inner confidence and courage. 

- An intrapreneur is the reason for every business's success.

- An intrapreneur is someone within a company that takes risks in an effort to solve a given problem.  

- An intrapreneur desires meaning, creativity and autonomy when working & want their own projects to develop as they help their companies grow.